About Us

You can have a
  • great
  • unforgatable
  • relaxing
  • intense
experience with us!

How does it work?

You can have a Skipper for your entire charter, or just a day or two to help you settle into your yacht or the destination. They’ll use their expert local knowledge and sailing know-how to plan an itinerary based on your interests and how you would like to spend your holiday. Or if you’re happy to go with the flow, they can take the lead, choosing the perfect stopovers to visit, restaurants to eat at, and the best hidden bays and beaches to loll on.

Who are our skippers?

We have a team of friendly, qualified and experienced Skippers available to hire at any of our destinations and we will choose the one best for you based on your requirements. Some of our Skippers have been with us for a long time and customers request them year after year.

How much does it cost?

Our Skippers are hired by the day, and you’ll be charged a daily rate on top of the cost of the boat charter. You’re also responsible for keeping them fed, watered and well rested, so you’ll need to make sure you cover their provisioning and accommodation needs*. They’re an easy-going crowd, so they’ll be happy as long as you’re happy!
*Skippers require use of their own cabin, so bear this in mind when choosing your yacht. Also, you can conveniently add a provisioning package for your skipper – We can help you book your skipper and pick the perfect yacht for your group!
Years in Business

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism is all about the places, the people and the sailing.

Without all of these, we couldn’t be sustainable in the areas in which we operate and one of our key objectives is to make as little impact on the environment and local communities as possible. Of course there is inevitably some effect but by using local labor and suppliers, biodegradable cleaning products and innovative products (solar torches, solar panels and LED lighting to name a few), we aim to make this a positive one. With careful management and innovative products, we believe that we can keep these amazing destinations pristine for generations to come.