Palma de Maiorca

A place that comes as a surprise to many people!

Palma is a major city and seaport located in the southwest of Majorca, a western mediterranean island belonging to the Balearic Islands archipelago. The land area of the city is about 21.355 square kilometres (8.245 sq mi) with an altitude of 13 metres (43 feet) above sea level.

The city center of Palma is located north of the homonymous bay (Badia de Palma in the local Catalan language). The area that extends eastwards is mostly a flat fertile plain known as Es Pla. To the north and west, the city borders the Serra de Tramuntana, the island’s major mountain range and a Unesco World Heritage site.

Beaches in Palma

Palma has an urban beach just beyond the cathedral to the east. It’s a reasonable size and easily within walking distance from the old quarter. A cycle path and promenade lie directly behind the beach but note that there is a busy main road just beyond that. Those looking for a quieter beach will be rewarded by heading further east towards Portixol & Ciudad Jardin, where you’ll also find a couple of decent beach clubs. Beyond Ciudad Jardin is the monumental Playa de Palma beach, kilometres of golden sand backed by the resorts of Can Pastilla and S’Arenal.


A different kind of culture can be enjoyed when Palma hosts one of it’s Fiestas. The two main festivals are held in January (Sant Sebastian) and June (Sant Joan). Sant Sebastian is Palma’s patron saint and the city comes out in force to celebrate. The main events – parades, music concerts & fireworks – occur on the evening of the 19th January, with the more formal proceedings taking place on the actual saints day of the 20th January. Sant Joan is celebrated on the 24th June as part of the summer solstice. But again, it is the evening before that sees the biggest party. The infamous ‘Nit de Foc’, or Night of Fire is held on the night of the 23rd June and sees bonfires lit throughout the city and the crazy ‘fire run’ where locals dress as demons & devils and run through the streets bearing torches. Everyone eventually gathers in the Parc de la Mer for rock concerts, more bonfires, fire crackers and an impressive fireworks display. It’s a crazy night!

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